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Training Collars & Other Stuff People Use to Set Limits for Dogs

Training Collars & Other Stuff People Use to Set Limits for Dogs

Training our families doesn’t end with potty training – in fact a lifetime of work just starts there. Some of us like to chew on everything we can put our mouths on, or so I’ve heard (certainly not me – not matter what my pets may have told you). I’ve never really understood that concept myself and neither has Chip. But I have heard of a training aid called Ultra Bitter Spray. My pets use it on me to stop me from licking areas on myself that I shouldn’t.

Isn’t it funny how we naturally lick areas that our pets tell us we shouldn’t? If we weren’t meant to do it then why does it feel so natural? But I digress.

Have you tried Ultra Bitter? YYYYYYUCK – that stuff I think would stop any dog from licking or chewing on things that are around the house! Bitter is a great word for that taste. Our pets should have to taste it before they give it to us.

No-Bark Collars

Some dogs require No-Bark collars because they can be overly boisterous. You may have heard Chip talking – maybe HE could use it (hehehe). I haven’t needed one yet, but I think my pets may be considering it once their pup is born. They are like shock collars but only respond once the dog barks. It’s a low voltage shock that just merely scares the dog into stopping the so-called offending barking.

Invisible Fences

If you don’t have a fenced-in yard, there are invisible fence solutions. They require some practice in training so you figure out where the lines are that you pets set for you without finding them accidentally. You would think they just tell you where they don’t want you to go so you don’t find out the hard way!  That’s because this collar is also a shock collar and, depending on the stubbornness of your pet in wanting to keep you in the yard, it can be adjusted.

More Training Collars

When I was a puppy I loved to lay in people’s laps. Ah, who am I kidding; I still love to do that! But there are some pets out there that don’t like their dog to be up on the couch in their lap – go figure. Guess what? There are collars for training them out there too! A lot of training collars are made for bigger dogs like me, however there are some collars that will work just as well, and are adjustable in levels, for smaller dogs like Chip. These collars are made just for small dogs.

Because our pets need lots of training and in many ways, there are many more training devices we will discuss along the way. Hope you like these for now!

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