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Vacation Time and Reilly’s Packed for a Stay at Red Roof Inn

Vacation Time and Reilly’s Packed for a Stay at Red Roof Inn

My bags are packed . . . time to go on vacation!

It is getting hot outside, school is out, and all of my favorite TV shows are done for the season. These are all signs summertime is here and with it time to hit the road for a family trip.

Reilly here, ready for vacation!

I used to dread vacation time because my pets would leave me with somebody else while they take off with bags packed, talking about all the fun they will have.

It’s going to be different this year, since my pets have learned about Red Roof Inn and their “you stay happy and pets stay free” policy.

Note when they say “pets stay free” they are talking about us and not our pets, who have to pay. I don’t know why they say it like that, I only know I’ll be happy if I’m going and my pets will be happy when their hotel let’s me stay with them for free!

Why Red Roof Is Special

With a name that has a dog bark in it, you know it has to be special — and they are!

Clean, Comfy Rooms from $49.99 at Select LocationsThe policy at Red Roof Inn is the best one I have heard among the hotel chains. Many hotels won’t let my pets take me at all and others they found that will let me stay would charge them more or make them pay a big deposit.

Don’t they know how lovable and nice I am? Most other dogs are too.

I’ll bet the actions of a few dogs tearing up rooms or barking all night ruined it for the rest of us at many hotels.

Pet Stay Rules

Yes, there are some rules that have to be followed when our pets take us to Red Roof, but they are reasonable and things that my pets would do anyway.

  • They can only bring one of us to stay (fortunately my family only has room for one of me)
  • We have to be kept on a leash when outside the room
  • We can’t be left in the room alone
  • When our pets take us out to walk us, they have to clean up after us

Those are simple enough, right. Keep in mind some locations are prohibited from allowing us to stay due to local laws so tell your pets to check first.

Where to Go on Vacation

I have a number of places I would love to go on vacation and, wouldn’t you know, they all have Red Roof Inns where my pets and I could stay.

  • Orlando, Florida, where I can visit that big mouse and his friends that I am always seeing my little pet watch on TV.
  • The Minneapolis, Minnesota area, where I understand my friend Snoopy lives with his pet Chuck.
  • St. Louis, Missouri, where I hope to get a tryout to ride on the wagon in those commercials.
  • Any place they make dog food and treats!

Okay, yes I have a lot more places on my list, but my pets don’t have to take me to ALL of them this year. I can be a little patient.

I’ve got my bags packed and am ready to go. Summer vacation and Red Roof, here I come!

When you visit the Red Roof Inn website, be sure to tell them Reilly sent you.

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