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Valentines Day: Great Time for Dogs to Love Too!

Valentines Day: Great Time for Dogs to Love Too!

Happy Valentine’s Day! As our pets trade Valentine’s Day cards and treats, I bet you’re wondering what it’s all about. Why do they wear red and have hearts all around?

Well, I’m here to tell you why they celebrate Valentine’s Day (we can too)! Reilly here! What does Valentine’s Day mean and what are we actually celebrating?

St. Valentine’s Day is named after the Saint Valentine, but you probably guessed that. Legend has it that he performed weddings for those who were not allowed to be wed. Must have been like dogs and cats or something. Anyway, his last letter to his lover and friend was signed “Your Valentine”. Since then it came to be a day when lovers professed their love to each other by giving flowers and candy. They also sent Valentine cards to each other with symbols of hearts, doves and with the image of Cupid.

From olden times (that’s a long time ago in dog years) to now, people give “valentines” to their loves, their friends and family. They now show those same pictures but also have different beloved characters for children to exchange in classrooms.

Now, what does this mean for us dogs? Well, we can proudly display our love for our pets and each other by wearing valentines clothes with “Be Mine” “Hugs” “Kisses” just like those candies; I think they’re called “Sweet tarts”? You lady dogs can wear tutus in red and pink! I even managed to find a costume of a love bug! It’s a bug, but it’s cute! You can add it to your costume collection! You can also get a coat to wear outside in this weird weather that keeps producing white stuff from the sky!

And for those that have bandana and collar collections, you aren’t going to want to miss these! They have hearts and those sweet tart candies on them! There are even collars with jewels that shine in the sun! They come in leather or in the printed canvas collars.

If you like bling on your collar, you can get an engraved collar tag. If you do, make sure you get not only your name, but your pet’s address and phone number. Just in case you get lost while you’re wearing it. Sometimes home can be difficult to find.

If you’re like me, you’d rather have food! Treats! Treats! And more treats! Yummmmm……..

Gourmet Tails Valentine's Day Dog Treats, 11.3 oz. ()Earth to Reilly! You need to continue the post! Hey Reilly, I’ve got a treat waiting for you if you finish your post!

Treat? Did you say treat Chip??? That’s what I was about to tell you about! They make Valentine’s rawhide pops, frosted dog bones, and treats in a candy box just like your pets give each other! They look so good! Did you say you had some for me Chip??

I did, but I think you’ve gone off the deep end. I will finish your post while you scarf down all the treats you can.

Reilly decided to skip the bowls that are heart shaped and princess decorated. They can be used to eat your food out of! You can get individual bowls, or ones on stands like you use the rest of the year.

Petco Valentine Pig or Elephant with Blanket Dog Toy, 13Bowl for food in Valentine’s Day design? Wow, okay Chip I’m back and I’m full. I think I need to play with one of the toys that you can get for your Valentine’s Day! They are red, white, and pink…hm all the typical colors of Valentine’s Day, who’d have guessed!

However you celebrate Valentine’s Day, make sure you give as well as receive. Give your pets a big kiss. No one likes to be forgotten!

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