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Wearing Big Dogs – On Shirts, Hoodies, Even Underwear!

Wearing Big Dogs – On Shirts, Hoodies, Even Underwear!

People wearing pictures of dogs but not their own dogs?

That was my first reaction after hearing about Big Dogs.

Well, it was my second reaction, really, after thinking it was all about Reilly. He is a really big dog, after all!

Awwwww, poor little Chippy – – is he still intimidated by me?

Intimidated? Remember the last time you went near my favorite toy, Reilly? Who was intimidated then???

Big Dogs Clothes

Let’s get back to talking about people wearing Big Dogs clothes, many of them with pictures of another really big dog and sayings that are witty – – or at least my pets chuckle when they read them. Me, I am amused by some but seldom find myself chuckling.

What does amuse me is the Big Dogs website, with lots of dogs wearing t-shirts, pants and – – if you can believe it – – boxer shorts. I don’t know why they call them boxer shorts, though, because it’s not a boxer wearing them. Go figure. That stuff really does crack me up, though.

Why did I look at the Big Dog site to begin with? I couldn’t believe it when I saw my own pets wearing pictures of other dogs. Well, more like insulted I guess. I could understand them wearing pictures of me. Reilly even. Don’t tell him I said it, but he can be cute at times.

After seeing the site I realized where one of my pets got the Big Dog Football Tees he has worn since he was first in school. He still does sometimes.

Found lots of things to give my pets for Christmas and birthdays on the Big Dogs site. Fortunately, it seems like there is always a sale on something great there, because it lets me save money. I don’t have that high a limit on my credit card. Not that I’m a bad credit risk, because I pay it off every month. They said they couldn’t give me a higher limit because I’m a dog. Can you believe it? They completely ignore my high credit score.

Okay, sidetracked again. I just get a little emotional about money. That’s probably why I’m the business side of From Our Dogs to Yours.

Big Dogs Christmas List

  •  I’m getting Big Dogs Sport Hoodies for the younger pets on my list
  • My “dad” is going to get one of the Big Dogs funny t-shirts because he always laughs when he sees that page. Not sure which one I’m getting him yet, though.
  • For the one (who I won’t name) who is always sitting on the couch watching TV and complaining about being cold, a Big Dogs Wearable Blanket to help her (oops) stay warm.
  • I’m going to pick one of their great looking island & resort shirts for the pet I know loves Hawaiian shirts.

I have to stop looking at the site because I’m getting more ideas than my gift budget will allow. Thank goodness they also have a clearance & markdowns page.

There are just so many great things to give our pets on the Big Dogs site it’s too hard to make specific recommendations the way Reilly and I normally like to do. I hope you’ll check out the site yourself, either using one of the links above or by clicking on the graphic below, which will take you right to the home page. Get your credit card ready- they take PayPal too!

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