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Wonders of Leash Training

Wonders of Leash Training

Leash training is an important aspect of the education process dogs go through with their pets. Reilly reporting again! We allow ourselves to be restrained by our pets for this training, but it is well worth it. “Why is it worth it”, you may ask. Duh, it means we get to go for WALKS!

When I was a pup and first training my pets, they started with a short leash so that I wouldn’t go too far. They were also under the delusion I might also pay some attention to them. It worked some of the time. There are just so many new smells out there!

From there I worked my way up to better leashes, LONGER leashes. I had my pets thinking that I was good on the shorter leashes so that I could go further! Hehe.

Just like the crates and kennels, leashes and collars come in a variety of colors and styles. If your pet gets you a few then you can accessorize to your mood or style. I have a pretty blue one; both my pets’ favorite color is blue.

Because I’m so hard to control around new people and other animals (I really enjoy new things, so sometimes I might get a BIT excited); my pets got me this thing they call a “gentle leader”. I don’t know what’s so gentle about it. It goes around my nose and clips behind my ears. They say that it helps control my head so that I don’t pull as much and hurt myself. I do admit that not having the leash attached to my collar allows me to breathe easier and not choke as often, so maybe they’re right there, but don’t tell them I agree with them.

Some other dogs have these harness things that go around their body. I think it does the same kind of thing as my gentle leader, allowing their pets to think they are controlling their dog better. It also doesn’t attach to the collar which might let the dog not choke. Some dogs go into fits when they can’t breathe. I’ve seen that happen, it’s not a pretty sight. After what they tell me about their collars, I will stick with my gentle leader. Still, different things work for different dogs and their pets.

Reilly’s Recommended Leashes, Harnesses and Collars
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