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Yards for Dogs: Making Them Fun, Clean and Safe for Us

Yards for Dogs: Making Them Fun, Clean and Safe for Us

Do you have a huge yard with TONS of room and great grass so you can run and play? Maybe you’ve got a small fenced area behind your house that just can’t seem to grow grass.

Chip here! I’ve got a huge yard to roam around on too! Sometimes it feels like it might be too big, since I get yelled at when my pets think I’ve been out for too long or they can’t see me. Hey, I’m not huge like Reilly!

My yard isn’t fenced in – the homeowners association wouldn’t allow it even if we wanted one – but there are solutions available for those who need it. My pets aren’t worried about me wandering away, but yours could get either an invisible fence that can either be a shock fence (ouch!) or just a clicking fence that makes noise if you get too close to it. Shocking isn’t that fun, but can be useful in not letting you get lost and not getting back home to those great pets (and your food) or – much worse – maybe getting hit by a car!

Invisible Fences for Safety

PetSafe Wireless Instant Fence Pet Containment System (Model PIF-300; For Pets over 8 lbs.)Invisible fences can be great for the look of your yard; however they have to be buried under the ground. It’s not the kind of burying we do with bones, either. Each has a specific depth, depending on the brand. They can also be adjusted to how much shock is generated when you cross it!

Most of us dogs get used to where the invisible fence is and avoid it after the first time or two of getting too close to getting shocked. That’s the idea of the fence, of course.

For those of you who are daredevils and aren’t bothered by the shock, maybe you should talk to your pet into getting an actual fence for your yard. After all, Reilly and I hate hearing and reading about friends from the dog park who are hit by cars.

Artificial Grass for Smaller Spaces

Is your house like Reilly’s, with a small “backyard” (I’m not making fun of you, Reilly, you know that’s just the way it is) that can’t seem to grow much grass or always seems muddy? You need a place to have fun and do you stuff without needing to take a bath (yuck!) too! In trying to help Reilly, we just might have found something for you.

Have your pets thought about artificial grass for your backyard? Yes, the same kind of thing they have on some football fields — only a little bit smaller. We looked at some at a pet expo and thought it was wonderful. You can’t dig in it, at least not without getting in trouble, but it is great stuff for playing around without getting dirty. It’s easy to clean our poop off it when our pets have to do that, too.

We’re working getting Reilly’s pets to put some of this artificial grass. They don’t like how he gets all dirty when he goes out, especially on rainy days. That white really shows the brown dirt, you know.

We hope you’ll check out these fences or artificial grass yourselves if they would help make your yards better!


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